The Pneumatic Tube Systems Specialist

ROI Services

ROI Systems, Inc. provides services that support the design, installation, service and support of pneumatic tube delivery systems. These services can be used by architects, general contractors and builders, business owners and healthcare providers to ensure that a pneumatic tube delivery system will meet the current and futures needs of the business.

Consulting Services

ROI Systems, Inc.’s Consulting Services offer our clients over 36 years of experience is the design of pneumatic tube delivery systems. Our Consulting Services are used by architects, general contractors and business owners for the qualification, design, implementation and support of a business’ pneumatic tube delivery system requirements. Our Consulting Services are used for the design of new systems, expansion and maintenance of existing systems. ROI Systems, Inc. Consulting Services are fee based.

Customer Support Services

ROI Systems, Inc. offers our customers a variety of support options that can be customized to meet their needs. We provide remote telephone and diagnostic support via our help desk, on-site support services, off-hours support and a customizable Preventive Maintenance program. Our customers have the option of choosing the support offering that best suits their needs.

Parts and Inventory Control

While pneumatic tube delivery systems are designed and built to operate in rugged and highly specialized environments, through constant use, some elements of the systems need maintenance and replacement over time. ROI Systems, Inc. maintains a complete inventory of spare parts and works with our customers to determine an appropriate level of inventory at their site to address the most common repair needs.

Training Service

System users and Engineering support staff require a certain level of training in order to increase the effectiveness of a pneumatic tube delivery system. ROI Systems, Inc. offers End User and Engineering support staff in service training classes.

Pevco Systems End Users can participate in a locally provided training session. Many clients incorporate the Pevco End User Training video into their orientation classes for new employees.

Engineering support staffs have access to ROI System, Inc. in-service training programs that address pneumatic tube delivery system trouble shooting for stations, diverters, blowers and the SmartSystem Control Console. Additionally, Pevco offers a variety of factory based training programs for engineers and maintenance personnel.