The Pneumatic Tube Systems Specialist


ROI Systems, Inc.'s Consulting Services offer our clients over 36 years of experience is the design of pneumatic tube delivery systems. Our Consulting Services are used by architects, general contractors and business owners for the qualification, design, implementation and support of a business pneumatic tube delivery system requirements. Our Consulting Services are used for the design of new systems, expansion and maintenance of existing systems. ROI Systems, Inc. Consulting Services are fee based.


New Systems

As healthcare, industrial, commercial and retail providers look to leverage pneumatic tube delivery systems to enhance the delivery of services to their clients, ROI Systems, Inc.'s experience can be used to optimize the design of the pneumatic tube system in a new construction environment. ROI Systems, Inc.'s design personnel have been used to assist architect, owners and planners to design optimal pneumatic tube systems that will meet existing and future needs in a cost effective and reliable manner. ROI Systems, Inc.'s designers and consultants leverage the wealth of experience in designing and supporting pneumatic tube delivery systems in hospitals, pharmacy retail operations, truck depots, manufacturing facilities, warehouse locations, casinos, and movie theatres.

System Expansion

Customers with existing pneumatic tube delivery systems are often looking to access the long term viability, maintainability and serviceability of the system. ROI Systems, Inc. will assist these clients in evaluating the state of the existing infrastructure and make specific recommendations on how to expand and improve system performance, maintenance and serviceability to extend the usefulness of the existing systems.

System expansion can be accomplished through either maintaining the existing manufacturer while leveraging new features or system development of the manufacture or using the expansion process to convert the customer to a more economical system without losing features or capabilities.


System Upgrade

As business environments change, there comes the time when the pneumatic tube delivery system will need to be upgraded to support the new demands of the business. Whether you are a healthcare provider, retailer or trucking firm, business today is not the same as 10 years ago. The changes in the business environment, often dictate a re-evaluation of the existing pneumatic tube delivery system.
ROI Systems, Inc. understands the benefits, limits and capabilities of various pneumatic tube delivery systems. ROI staff will work with the client to evaluate the features and capabilities of the existing infrastructure to determine if simple of expansion of the existing platform will continue to serve the clients needs. The findings will be fully documented with specific recommendations made to either upgrade the existing system or convert to a competing system, while maintaining a significant portion of the existing infrastructure.

In the Healthcare market, ROI Systems, Inc. can expand and upgrade a competitors system to be fully supported and managed by a Pevco Systems pneumatic tube delivery system. Upgrades of this type typically require only simple changes to the PC boards of the existing systems as Pevco native stations and equipment are added to meet the new demands placed on the pneumatic tube delivery system.

System Optimization

Optimizing the performance of a pneumatic tube delivery system can be a critical activity for systems that have been installed for a length of time. As business operations grown and mature, business environments and competitors change, a re-evaluation of an existing pneumatic tube delivery system may be needed to assist the business in maintaining a competitive edge in their market. ROI Systems, Inc.'s designers and consultants will work with clients to evaluate existing uses of the pneumatic tube delivery systems, the traffic carrying capacity of existing infrastructure and make specific recommendations to improve and optimize the performance of the existing system. System Optimization services can extend the life and value of the installed pneumatic tube delivery system for the client.