The Pneumatic Tube Systems Specialist


ROI Systems, Inc. is the Pevco Authorized Dealer for healthcare solution design, installation and service in the upper Midwest, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

11 State Territory

New Systems

For small systems and large, simple or complex ones alike, ROI Systems, Inc. leverages and designs the Pevco delivery systems to seamlessly integrate into any hospital environment. Pevco's flexible, intelligent systems are cost-effective and consistently improve the delivery of medications, specimens and supplies. System Conversion ROI Systems, Inc. and Pevco provide a cost effective and simple solution for converting Translogic/Swisslog systems into Pevco powered pneumatic tube system. The Pevco systems are 100% compatible with other manufacturers systems and not dependent on expensive proprietary parts.

System Expansion

ROI Systems, Inc. is expert at expanding hospital pneumatic tube delivery systems. Whether you need one additional station or a dozen to accommodate a new hospital tower, we can easily add stations, diverters and blowers to meet your evolving needs.

System Optimization

As a hospital evolves over time due to medical advances, demographic shifts and regulatory changes, the requirements and expectations of pneumatic tube systems can evolve too. ROI Systems, Inc. and Pevco has the expertise to optimize any pneumatic tube system to help medical professionals manage change and continue to deliver the highest levels of patient care.

Smart PathTM

Pevco Smart PathTM is a proprietary configuration of tubes, blowers and diverters, as well as software upgrades that stream lines the way carriers travel through a delivery system. Smart PathTM ensures that carriers always travel the shortest, fastest route. Clients report that transaction time improves by 15% or more with Smart PathTM.

Pevco Carrier Management SystemTM

Pevco Carrier Management System is a software enhancement combined with additional tubing that enables a system to automatically store empty carrier in holding areas within the system. With the touch of a carrier call button, Pevco Carrier Management SystemTM delivers empty carriers to stations that need them within seconds, anywhere in the hospital, eliminating telephone requests for empty carries.