The Pneumatic Tube Systems Specialist


Pneumatic Tube System solutions have a rich history in supporting the needs of Industrial and Commercial markets. From the Bank Teller drive up lanes, 24 hour Pharmacy lanes to truck depot centers, warehouse distribution needs, cash lines for retail establishments and casinos, production line testing for food service or other manufactures, and including quality testing for steel mills.

ROI Systems, Inc. has a long history of designing, installing and supporting the needs of various Industrial markets that utilize pneumatic tube delivery systems for day-to-day operations. ROI Systems, Inc. sells and supports a variety of manufacturers that provide solutions for the Industrial market place in addition to supplying the Pevco AccuSendTM.

Pevco AccuSendTM

Pevco AccuSendTM is designed for convenient, point-to-point transfer of materials between two areas of a facility. The AccuSendTM pneumatic tube delivery system transports a carrier up to 2,500 feet at an average speed of 25 feet per second. AccuSendTM systems can stand alone or can be installed to provide added capability alongside our full-featured, computer-controlled multi-point systems.

The automatic lift-off feature makes AccuSendTM simple and fast to operate. Carrier-arrival sound and light indicators mean you never miss a delivery. AccuSendsTM basic pressure/vacuum operation requires few moving parts that require maintenance or replacement

Pevco Overview Brochure | Pevco AccuSend Product Sheet